The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp42 Arromanches Map 1512 OT

Arromanches was chosen as a Luftwaffe Radar station very early on into the war. As was usual several types of radar were installed on the same site to give a complete picture of what was happening. The radar installed here included a Seetakt Gema FuMo 2 and a Wurzburg See Riese FuMo 214.

The site is now used as a car park for those wanting to see the Mulberry Harbour which was installed below the radar installation.

Stp42 Station Kriegsmarine V229 - Observation Post - R612 - 20mm Flak 28 x 3 - 75mm FK38 - 75mm Geb M/12 - Seetakt Gema FuMo 2 - Wurzburg See Riese FuMo 214

Manned By 2/Funkmess - Abteilung


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