The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Barfleur WN123 Map 1310O

The port of Barfleur situated on the north east tip of the Cherbourg peninsular has no beaches around it. Therefore the Germans did not fortify the coast line to any great extent. They built an anti tank wall around the port just in case of a landing. The numbers on the wall are not German but refer to French elections.  The main fortifications are to the south of the harbour, protecting the entrance. There are many smaller bunkers that I have yet to find as they are in the gardens and under homers built after the war. There is a casemate that housed a 50mm KwK gun on the harbour wall and well as Tobruks.

Wn123 Vf58c - Shelters x 6 - Wellblech x 2 - Vf69 - SK x 2 - Vf/MG Stand x 4 - Ringstand MG x 4


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