The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn217 Batterie Ste Anne Map 1210E

The Batterie Ste Anne was an old French fort built in 1853, and was originally equipped with muzzle loading cannon to protect the western approach to Cherbourg.
The German adapted the site to their own needs as they did with so many of the French installations.
Where the old cannon once stood the installed a large 150 cm searchlight together with a type R502 personnel bunker which were very common in Normandy, but this one has cupola mounted on top for observation purposes.
There was also an ammunition bunker type 607 alongside to service the four guns installed alongside. They were 2 x 20 mm Flak plus a 50 mm KwK and a Renault tank turret.
The site is no private property and the old headquarters used as a private dwelling. All of the German works lie beneath a good layer of brambles.

Wn217 R607 - L2 - R502 - R501 - Vf x 2 - Vf/MG - 20mm Flak 30


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