The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn324d Baubigny  Map 1211O


The gun emplacement at Baubigny is on two sites.
The first one at Mont de la Vigne high above the village where the cannons were housed, has completely disappeared.
The four 105mm cannons were of French manufacture, built by Schneider in 1917.
The Schneider cannon was originally mounted on gun carriages and towed by either horses or tractors.
The Germans usually mounted them on old ship plinths, this enabled them to be aimed and fired more accurately when housed in casemates
The cannons here were out in the open and still mounted on their original gun carriages.
There would have been four large concrete plinths like cart wheels, for the cannon to sit on.
At the beach several anti aircraft guns and machine gun posts still exist, although many have disappeared with erosion and also by falling into the sea.
Concrete debris can still be seen on the beach.

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