The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn379 Beaumont Hague

On the outskirts of the town at the edge of the camping site is a radio guidance bunker. The bunker is 130 meters above the sea. The system used here was the second generation of radio guidance called Y-Gerat.  For an explanation of this system consult the pages on Fort Allemand. The aerial was mounted on the roof of the bunker and was rotated to its position on a rail, the supports of this rail can still be seen on the roof of the bunker. The reason for mounting antenna on the roofs of bunkers was because the shorter the cable from the transmitter to the guidance equipment meant less loss of signal due to the resistance of the cable. This made for a better signal strength but also meant that the large antenna gave away the position of the bunker to Allied photo reconnaissance aircraft. The system could guide bombers to within 3 kms of their targets over a range of 400 kms. The bunker is sealed so it is difficult to imagine the layout in the relatively small workspace. The electrical supply was almost certainly piped in as their is no sign of exhaust outlets needed when generators were installed.

For an explanation as to how the system worked, have a look at Beaumont Hague K9 in this section.

Wn379 Luftwaffe station K9 - Water reservoir - Knickebein FuSAn 721 Replaced by See Elephant


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