The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn13 Benouvile (Pegasus Bridge) Map1612 OT



The two bridges over the Orne canal and river were important to the Germans as they were the only crossing over the waterways between Ouistreham and Caen.

The road had been a railway until the 1930’s and the two bridges were installed around that time.

The Germans installed a machine gun and a 50 mm cannon to protect the bridge. They also mounted a 24 hr guard on both bridges.

The canal bridge was also mined with explosives but no as shown in  the film “The Longest Day” in which they were placed on the underside of the bridge. In the real world they were placed on one of the uprights, this was so that if the explosives were detonated the bulk of the bridge would fall into the canal and block it. The equipment tower would fall across the road and block that.

The guards on the evening of D-day were changed at midnight and one of the guards finishing his duty was Private Bonk, he was later captured in the local brothel!! Is that where the term “Bonking” comes from.


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