The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Birkenhead (UK)

U-534 - Type IXC Long Range Attack Boat
Commissioned on 23rd December 1942, U-534 had not sunk any ships by the time she was spotted by a British Liberator while sailing in the Kattegat, Denmark on 5th May 1945. The Liberator attacked and promptly sank her with ten depth charges. There were 49 survivors.
Forty eight years later, in 1993, she was raised by a Danish consortium, with the ceremony being witnessed by her own surviving crew and those of the Liberator who sank her. She was broken up and displayed as an exhibit in Birkenhead, United Kingdom. You can find the museum next to Birkenhead ferry terminal.+

The U-Boat has been sectioned and it possible to view the interior.


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