The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Cable Bunker Map 1311O


There are not many large German Cable bunkers on the Cotentin Peninsular. The only one's to spring to mind are those at Fort du Roule and Auderville Barracks Wn354 and Wn1 which is a similar design to this one.. This is because the Germans made good use of the French telephone system and as they had secured it did not have to put much infrastructure in themselves. This cable bunker I am sure served the 1261st  headquarters in Quineville and the batteries of Azeville and its Fire Control Post, together with Chrisbecq.

The interesting feature is a small pipe which could have been the exhaust for a small motor used either to pump out the water that must have seeped into the bunker or to charge the lead acid batteries needed to maintain the connection.


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