The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn202 Cap Levi Map 1210E

To the east of Cherbourg on a tip of land stretching out into the sea the Germans placed a large anti aircraft batterie, equipped with 20 mm Flak 30 guns. Not only did it protect the approaches to the port itself, it also gave early protection to the three gun batteries perched high on the hill inland. These were Hamburg, Judee and Seealder. The third one being an old French fort that the Germans used during the occupation. There was also a naval radar site placed alongside in a V206 bunker. The anti aircraft installation on Cap Levi comprised of two casemates, one of each of type L409, L410A. These provided accommodation and ammunition storage for the four anti aircraft emplacements. The site has two interesting features, the first being a guard post equipped with a machine gun on the approach to the site, which is made almost entirely of red brick. The second is the standard small beach obstacles to which the Germans welded a rectangular plate. They were used to place lanterns on, during the hours of darkness so that vehicles and personnel could find their way in the blackout. There is an old French Fort on the site of the semaphore, which dates from the 1880's.

 Wn202 R667 x 2 - R502a - Vf x 2 - Vf/B  Position - Ringstand MG - Ringstand 50mm KwK - Ringstand PzT - MG Stand x 4 50mm KwK


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