The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn12 Chateau d'eau Ouistreham Map 1612 OT

The German gun site was placed here in 1943 to protect the approaches to the Orne canal and the small port of Ouistreham, it could also range its guns towards the approaches to Sword beach.
The captured French guns had been placed in casemates of the H669 type.
The other two were still in open emplacements awaiting their casemates which had not been started by D-day. The French guns were made by Schnieder and dated from the first world war.
Because of their antiquity and due to the fact that they were in need of service, the guns had their range decreased from 18kms down to 11kms.  This was due to wear in the barrel which caused the gas that propelled the shell to escape past the shell and also allowed the shell to deviate from its true path. Decreasing its effective range was the only solution.
The strong point was known to the Germans as WN12 and to the British as Daimler.
Most of the German strong points in this area were named after British makes of cars.
Most of the outer defences have disappeared under the urban sprawl, although one Tobruk can still be found sitting in a field to the rear of the site.
The site is on private land and is difficult to access

Wn12 R669 x 4 - R610 - R621 - R607 x 2 - Vf58c x 3 - Vf x 3 - Wellblech - 155mmFH414 x 4 - 20mm Flak30 x 2 Manned by 4/AR1716


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