The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp31 Courseulles Sur Mer Map 1512OT

The one German position that has survived the development after the war. No German or Canadian would recognise the towns of Courseulles and Benieres they have changed beyond recognition. The erosion by the sea has tilted some of the bunkers to a jaunty angle. The eastern end of the strongpoint has been taken over by the Juno Museum.

The tower in picture three housed a machine gun on the morning of D-day and caused many causalities to the Canadians before it was silenced.

Stp31 R612 - R630 - R666 - Vf69 - Vf58c x 2 - Vf/Gr.W - Ringstand/B - Ringstand 50mm KwK x 2 - Sk Twin Group Bunker - 50mm KwK - Vf x 3 - 75mm FK 16n - 50mm KwK L/60 x 2


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