The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn346 Digulleville Map 1110E

Near the Hameau des Asselins lies the most interesting of German bunkers. This is a rare Mammut radar installation (named Gouesneraie), used not only for detecting shipping, but it also gave the range for the guns to either side of it. The bunker is quite a rare V143 type of which only four were built.  The Mammut radar was called hoarding by the British, because of its size and shape. It sat on three huge concrete pillars sitting on top of the bunker. It was a long range radar having an effective range of 300 kilometres, and it gave an incredible accuracy in its findings. The cables that linked the antenna to the electronics below in the bunker can still be seen.  There were two entrances to the control centre, both protected by machine gun posts. Inside the condition of the bunker is good and none of the heavy metal doors have been taken for scrap. None of the equipment remains as all radar and electronic equipment was taken for further use by the liberating Americans. The floor of many of the internal rooms show just how much thought went into its construction. Cable ducts and special walkways were formed into the concrete, much as you would have found in a computer during the 1960's. You can see evidence of the taking of the radar station by the Americans on the left hand entrance.

Wn346 Station Kriegsmarine - V143 - Sk/Flak x 4 - Shelters x 3 - Vf/MG Stand - Water Reservoir - Sk x 2 - Mammut FuMo 51-Fu.MG Seetakt FuMo 2

Manned by 2 Funkmess Abteilung


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