The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn210 Fort Des Flamands Map1210E

This old French fort protected the eastern harbour wall and dates from Napoleonic times.

It also protected the small port of the same name, and had a smaller gun emplacement to the east of the port.

When the Germans arrived they quickly installed four guns of 170 mm, similar guns were installed at Fort des Forches to the west of the city.

The guns installed here could have been moved to Amfreville (York).

These were wheeled field cannon, and they were kept here until permanent emplacements were constructed on higher ground such as Les Caplains, Digosville, Fort Roule and the three batteries at Fermanville to the east. The old fort then became a anti aircraft batterie and was home to six 88 mm cannon.

These anti aircraft sites were placed in a ring around Cherbourg to give protection not only to the city, but to the many installations to the south of Cherbourg.

The western wall of the fort was breached during the liberation of Cherbourg. This was achieved during the night of June 25th - 26th by the American 4th Division, 12th Regiment who took 350 German prisoners.

After the war the fort was briefly returned to the French Military, but by the 1960ís the fort was abandoned. It has now become a dumping ground for equipment used in highway maintenance and from the port.

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