The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn560 Fort les Forches  Map 1210E

The old French fort that occupied this site above Equeurdreville to the west of Cherbourg has long since disappeared.
In the sixties new housing was needed for the growing city and the old fort was demolished, with the exception of some of the housing which now sits uneasily among the apartment blocks and the college named after a famous local painter (Millet).
The Germans took over the fort very soon after their arrival in the city and placed here four 170 mm German guns made by the famous Krupp factory.
They were of the K18 type and were mounted in the open, but I have yet to find any trace of concrete that they might have be mounted on.
What does remain is the fire control post, which sits in the grounds of a school and is partially hidden by bushes, and is of course sealed.
I think the position was manned by the AR/1709, and I always thought that the guns had been moved by the time of the liberation, but as a relatively late build FCP is here on the site, more research is needed.

Wn560 Cannon Positions  x 4 - 170mm K18 x 4 - Manned by 4/HKAR1262


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