The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Franceville StP05 Map 1612 OT

One of the most interesting beach defence sites in Normandy, it has a very curious selection of bunkers not normally found in large quantities in Normandy. It defends the eastern flank of the entrance to the port of Ouistreham which leads to the Caen canal.
The whole site seems to be grouped around an old French fort, built in 1779. The Germans have mounted a tank turret on top of the old fort.
There is also another bunker in the heart of the fort.
The main guns were 3 x 47 mm Skoda guns, two in type H506 casemates, one of which has an well preserved anti tank wall alongside.
A type H612 gave enfilade fire across the estuary.
Two fire control posts are also close by and the real gem is a gun garage type H504 which included crew quarters.
There are also many small bunkers littered across the site.
Unfortunately all of the entrances to the bunkers have been bricked up, possibly to discourage campers.

Stp 05 VF/SKoda - L413 x 2 - R504 - R506a - R506d - Vf/MG - R669 - Vf58c x3 - Vf1a - Vf2a x 3 - Vf6a - Vf3/SK x 2 - Flak Positions - Ringstand Pz.T - Ft17 - Vf/Gr.W - 47mm Pak 36 x 3 - 75mm F.K. - 37mm Flak 18 x 2


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