The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp213 Gare Maritime (Cherbourg)  Map 1210E

The Gare Maritime was built in the 1930's and was host before the war to the transatlantic liners that plied between Southampton and New York. Not only the well healed sailed from this elegant building, but also most of the immigrants from all over Europe. The Germans installed gun emplacements at the seaward end of the station. The main armament was two Schnieder 105 mm cannons with a quoted range of 15 kms. That figure was for guns in good condition and very few of the captured French pieces were in good condition. The guns were housed in a H671 and H669 casemates, sadly only one now remains, used as viewing platform for the submarine Redoubtable, now a museum piece. In front of the Gare Maritime under the shrubbery is a H506, that used to house a 47 mm Skoda anti tank gun. You can also find emplacements for 20 mm Flak guns around the site. The station building was used as a warehouse and remained in tact until the Germans wrecked the port before the liberation in June 1944. The Gare Maritime was rebuilt after the war, but was not completed until the mid 1950's and by then the transatlantic trade was almost finished.

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