The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Grandcamp Maisy Map 1412OT N49 33.574 W001 03.711

La Perruque                                                                                    

Six French howitzers type F414 (155 mm), these guns dated from the end of World War One. Three had been placed in the open, but three personnel bunkers were built on the site. Two type H622 and one type H655.  These French howitzers had a range of 11 Kms. The Regiment based here was 9/AR 1716. Both sites were protected by mine fields, anti tank ditches and anti aircraft emplacements.
Until recently the site was overgrown had been subject to landfill just after the liberation. This was before any historians had chance to look at the site. All that has now changed, Gary Sterne an Englishman has purchased some of the site with the intention of turning it into a museum. From his research it is obvious that the site is many times larger that was originally thought. It may well be that when all the site is cleared and all the bunkers that are buried are rediscovered, that this site is largest on the Atlantik Wall in Normandy.
The sheer size of the site posses many questions as to why it does not feature more prominently in German records, and why the site did not have more attention paid to it by the Allies. It was bombed, but not hit to any extent before D-day, and on D-day H.M.S. Hawkins claims to have put the guns out of action. The three casemates show no sign of damage from the front, only superficial damage from the east. This was the direction the battery was attacked on June 9th. H.M.S. Hawkins also claims to have put the battery at St. Martin de Varreville out of action, it is a well known fact that the guns were not there on the morning of D-day, and had been moved further north.
As Gary finds more I will update this page.
The town became the headquarters of General Bradley after it was liberated on June 9th.

The Site has been excavated and is now a museum and has guns on the open positions. (not the original types)

In a nearby village is the grave of Sgt G.J.J Ashpole who was a Flight Engineer with the RAF. He was shot down on D-day quite possibly by the anti aircraft guns here at Maisy

Stp 83 R622 x 2 - R502 - SK Vf7b x 2 - Vf58c - 155mm FH414 x 4 - 76.5mm FK Manned by 9/AR1716


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