The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Grandcamp Maisey WN78 Map 1412OT








This site protected the eastern approaches to Grandcamp Maisey. On the road is a Tobruk and on the cliff is a 667 protecting the port. There is also another bunker badly damaged. On the beach there several beach obstacles which are of a type not normally found in this area. They are made of metal and filled with concrete. The R624 bunker is quite rare only 15 examples were built along the Atlantik Wall. There is also a mine on the beach which would have been strung between the obstacles.

It was this set of bunkers where Sgt. Frank Peregory won his Medal of Honour, he was killed a few days later and is buried in the American Cemetery.

In the nearby cemetery you will find the grave of a British Airman and Commandant Phillip Kieffer who led the Free French on D-day in the attack on the eastern end of Sword Beach

Wn 78 R667 - R624 - 3 x Tobruk - 88mm Pak - 75mm Pak - 37mm Pak



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