The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Grandcamp La Martine   WN84  Map 1412OT

This was the  first batterie constructed on the site and was called La Martine, manned by the 8/AR 1716.  They were equipped with four cannon of Czech origin of the type FH14/19, with a calibre of 100 mm. These guns had a range of just under 10 Kms. Three of the cannons were housed in type H669 casemates with the fourth still in the open at the time of D-day. The second position five hundred meters to the east was named La Perruque had guns of a larger calibre.

Wn84 R622 - R612 x 3 - Vf58c x 5 - SK 75mm FK16 x 2 - 100mm Fh14/19 x 4 -Manned by 8/AR1716


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