The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn30 Granville South Map 1215 ET


To protect the beach which runs south from Granville through St Pair, Kairon Plage, Jullouville and Carolles Plage the Todt build three casemates. Strangely they all face north. The first is a type 667 just north of Kairon Plage, this type of casemate usually housed a 50 mm cannon. At the southern end of this long beach at Carolles Plage the flat beach gives way to cliffs and high on the cliffs two 612 casemates sit together still looking out over the beach. Some distance behind is a double personnel bunker type 522/622 which has a small garage type bunker attached. It is too small to house a gun or searchlight, and there is no visible ramp to wheel out whatever was kept in the garage. It could possibly have been for a generator as this position was some distance from the village. These positions were the most southerly in Normandy.

Wn30 R667 - 50mm KwK  - Stp35 R612 x 2 R622/SK - SK - Vf/Water Reservoir







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