The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn123 Havre De Houlvi Map 1310O

Just to the north of Barfleur there is a very different Strong Point.
Apart from the gun emplacement at Neville sur Mer it is the only place the Germans installed concrete trenches, It makes you think that the officer stationed here had seen service in WWI.
The strong point has no large weapons, limited to machine guns and mortars, some built into the same Tobruks..
The trenches of which only the western portion still remains intact.
The eastern end has been swallowed up by a fish farm who also use some trenches as waste water outlets.
The trenches that run along the beach and even have firing positions built into them.
The underground bunkers are quite interesting, being a real mixture, roof beams of the wrong length, and partly made of corrugated iron.

Wn123 Vf58c x 2 - Shelters x 6 - Wellblech x 2 Vf69 - SK x 2 - Vf/MG Stand x 4 - Ringstand MG x 4


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