The Atlantik Wall In Normandy




Of the two Abteilugen "Flak Battalions" who were to be involved with the sites in La Manche, there is very little known about them.

They were referred to as the 4th & 8th Battalions, and it is thought they had their Headquarters at Martinvast.

The 155 Flak Regiment who the 4th & 8th Battalions belonged to, are very difficult to research, they may not have really been formed by D-day, and therefore only existed on paper, although there is some evidence from local's that the portable ramps were erected and dummy firings undertaken. This is also supported in the finding of wooden shims used to wedge the ramp into the concrete base. This ensured a good fit between the concrete and the ramp leg. I have found these at sites 141, 142 236


The Chateau was bombed by the American 387th medium bomber group using marauders.  It has been rebuilt after the war to a different design.

The 4th Battalion were split into two units, the first operated to the west of Cherbourg and the second to the east.

The 8th Battalion was divided into four units, and they had control of the sites to the south of Cherbourg.

The two smaller Headquarters buildings would seem to be at La Melbreche to the south west of Cherbourg and Foret de L'Hermiterge to the south east. Both are very similar buildings and constructed in the lighter brick and plaster style of later V1 garage buildings. I believe both of these buildings belong to the 4th Battalion.

La Melbreche

Foret de L'Hermiterge


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