The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp32 Houlgate map 1711 OT 

The installation here was very similar to that at Mont Canisy, with the exception that by D-day only two casemates of the type H679 had been built to house the six 155 mm captured French guns.
The Regiment based here was the 3/HKAA 1255, who stayed in underground bunkers linked by tunnels.
The site on a cliff with a height of just over 300 feet was conceived to protect the west entrance to the river Seine.
There was also a fire control post situated some distance away on the D163.
The fire control post has been turned into a orientation table.
On the night before the landings the RAF visited the battery and dropped over 500 tons of bombs, although the site had been bombed before in May and two of the guns destroyed.
On the morning of D-day the Royal Navy monitor, HMS Roberts opened fire with her 15 inch guns on the battery, without much success. It was shelled again with        15 inch guns by the HMS Erebus in late June.
The battery shelled Sword beach along with the battery at Mont Canisy until finally silenced at the end of June. The two mobile guns were moved frequently to avoid being hit by Allied fire.

Stp 32 R679 x 2 - R501 - R134SK x 4 - 37mm Flak 18 x 2 - 155mm K420 x 6 - 105mm FH325 - Manned By 3/HKAA 1255


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