The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Isigny St Clement Map 1311E    


Today the ports of ports of Isigny and Carentan are only used by pleasure craft. In the days before and during the occupation they were hives of activity, trading with other European ports. The Germans fearing not only an Allied attack, but clandestine operations defended the entrance to the narrow estuaries that could only be navigable at high tide. The first line of defence were the large gun batteries at Pointe du Hoc to the east and the many batteries situated to the north of Utah beach. The next line of defence could well have been the howitzers at Les Perreques near Grandcamp Maisey. Similar installations were located on the Orne estuary. The final line of defence were the Resistance nests numbered WN92 & WN94, these were placed on the right bank of the Canal de Isigny.

Wn93 Vf4a - Vf2a - Vf58c - Ringstand Gr.W 278 - 47mm Pac 181


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