The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Maps showing Wn numbers south to north

The West Coast has many unspoilt gun sites and several special build bunkers

They take some finding but are worth the effort.

Batteries on this coast included Haut Fourneau, Pointe du Roc, Carteret, Baubigny, Pointe de Rozel Biville, St Croix des Delles, Auderville Roche and Auderville Laye.

Two Batteries, at Fermanville and Houel seem to be untraceable possibly they were never built.


At the foot of each page you will find listed the Bunkers and Armaments of each site where known.



Home Granville South St Pair Wn22 Granville Stp20 Gen Marcks HQ Folligny St Lô Hospital St Remy Wn333 St Germain Wn334 Armanville Wn337 Wn332 Port Bail Wn331 Barneville WN329 Carteret Wn326 Hatainville WN325 Baubigny Wn324d Sciotot Wn324 Rozel Wn324a Siouville Wn319 Heauville Stp318 Biville Stp319 Biville Plage Wn317 Vauville Wn315 La Crecque Wn314 La Boiserie Wn477 Ecalgrain Wn311/360 Saint Croix Stp480 Auderville Stp356 WN 354 Barracks Auderville  Wn355 Tunnels Wn357 Roche Stp351 Cap Hague Wn308 Goury Stp309

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