The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



La Fournellerie   Map 1210E

Near the village of Hardinvast, to the south of Cherbourg there is a V1 site , possibly the last of the "ski" to be partly constructed.
At the end of 1943 when the Gestapo took control of both the V1 and V2 programmes, they decided that these larger sites were a liability as they were being visited by both British and American bombers.
The site is also built with local brick in place of the more common concrete.
All the Ski garages are in an unfinished state, there is no evidence of the roofs ever being completed, although all the concrete service roads would seem to be in place, almost 800 meters of them.
The anti magnetic building has been transformed into a house and the ramp is hidden in a small copse.
The road on the site is constructed in concrete, as is normal, but one interesting find is a footprint, possibly from a Todt workman who was conscripted to work on the site.


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