The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



V1 Site At La Glacerie  Map 1210E

La Glacerie is one of nine V1 Ski sites in Normandy. The buildings are mostly made from local brick and only the bunker is made from concrete. The ramp shows signs of bomb damage, but the rest of the site remains in good condition. This is one of the few sites that has not been taken over completely for farm usage, although it always seems that the anti magnetic building makes a very fine cow shed. The three garages still exist, but always seem to be flooded. This begs the question, how did the Germans keep these buildings free from flooding? There are not as many buildings here and their usage would have been as follows. The reception garage is on the extreme right as you enter the site. The building straight ahead with an entrance at each end would have been used to prepare the V1 for launch. It would have then be stored in the three Ski Garages that are to the left and behind the trees. The larger of the three buildings to your right would have been used to store fuel. The other building would have housed the air compressor, needed for the gyroscopes in the V1. The other building was a bunker to give protection to the workers in case of attack. The V1ís launched from here could have been aimed at either Dorchester, Cardiff or Bristol. An unusual feature of some of the V1 sites is that they could have only been targeted at the area sea, off Lands End in Cornwall. Shipping may have been the target, but given the accuracy of the V1, the chances of damaging any ships would have been slight.


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