The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn149 La Pernelle Map 1310O

The village of La Pernelle was well favored by the Germans. Not only did they build two gun emplacements near the village, they also installed one of the largest

“Coast Watcher” radar installations in the village. The choice was a simple one, the village sits high on hills just to the north of Quettehou, overlooking the eastern approaches of the Bay of the Seine.

This installation was well placed to find any incoming ships or aircraft attacking the fortified port of Cherbourg.

The radar bunker still lies hidden on the outskirts of the village in a wood and is a type L486,  nearby the concrete base for the antenna still stands.

The antenna was so large that four railway cars were used to rotate it.

These sat on a circular railway track, to enable the radar to be moved.

Wn149 Le Vicel  Kriegsmarine Station Vf x 3 - V229 - Mammut Gustav III Fu.MO51 - Wuzburg See Riese FuMo 214 Manned By 2/Funkmess- Abteilung


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