The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Heauville Plage Stp318 Map1110E


This emplacement covered the southern aspect of the beach towards the port of Dielette. The port was used by the Germans for communication with the Channel Islands. The port is the only one on the Cotentin to be able to accept boats at low tide. The two H676 bunkers have been much modified. They both have periscopes of the standard German pattern SR9 which is very common in Normandy. The bunkers were constructed to house 47 mm Skoda "Fortress Guns",

These were anti tank guns and were built into the front wall. They were protected by a shield in front of the casemate which could be raised and lowered from inside the gun room. These two bunkers also have another unusual feature, in as much as an escape hatch has also been built from the gun room. This leads via a rung ladder onto the roof. This could have served a double purpose not only as an escape route, but also to remove the cover protecting the periscope. There is also a Tobruk with a Renault tank turret housing, and also an ammunition bunker to the rear.

Stp318 R676 x 2 Vf58c x 3 - Vf69 Pz.T FT17 - 50mm KwK L/42 x 2 - Pak K36 x 2




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