The Atlantik Wall In Normandy




The work here started in 1941 and took three years to complete. Over 15,000 men under the Todt Org worked here during that period.

This was the largest U-Boat facility and the main repair base. The U-Boats would be winched out of the water up the slipway on a cradle and then moved into the repair pens by was or a transporter. During this period they were very vulnerable to attack by Allied planes. 22 Boats could be housed here at any one time

After the war Lorient became a French Diesel submarine base and now houses a museum and houses a French submarine "the Flore" which I think dates from the 1950's. Many of the pens are now used by boat builders and you can walk round the site.

Lorient has the distinction of being one of the last German bases to surrender to the Allies at the end of WWII, it finally saw the light on May 10th 1945.


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