The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



General Marcks Headquarters St Lo  Map 1313E


High on a hill to the north of St Lo is the chateau chosen by General Erich Marcks to be his headquarters for the 84th Corps. One reason to choose this place may well have been its elevation, there is evidence of a large radio mast being positioned on the lawn, (see pic four from left)  The main German communication centre was in Angeaux and the main telecommunications post was a large bunker under the modern port office in the centre of tow.  The communications bunker I think is a Type 608, but although it still has its original doors in place, they have been welded shut. One interesting feature is because of the lack of open space the reservoir used to cool the generator and radio equipment, has been placed on top of the bunker.

General Marcks died of the 12th of June 1944, when his car was attacked by a typhoon aircraft. He is buried in the nearby German Cemetery at Marigny, together with 11,168 other German servicemen.


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