The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn32 Mare Fontaine (Ver sur Mer) Map 1512 OT

This gun position given the code number WN32 by the Germans, and the Regiment 3/HKAA 1260 were operating the site at the time of D-day. The emplacement was furnished with four Czech guns of 100 mm and housed in casemates of the H669 type. This position defended the beach area known as Gold Beach. The old Czech guns had a range of around 10 kms so the beach was well within their limits. As with many of the structures on the Atlantic Wall the site was still under construction at the time of D-day. These casemates were constructed with the later technique which involved the use of less steel.  Steel of course was in very short supply and badly needed elsewhere. The newer construction methods did not quite give the same protection., although evidence seems to show that even a direct hit in most cases left the gun operational.

WN32 R669 x 4 - 100mm FH14/19 x 4 - Manned by 6/AR1716


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