The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp13 Mont Canisy Map 1711 OT

Mont Canisy was a Heer Batterie and was known to the Allies as Bénerville Batterie.
The Batterie had three 155 mm guns housed in type 679 Casemates. In front of the Casemates were six open gun emplacements, one of which was equipped with a 155mm gun on D-day.
The guns of French origin, introduced in 1917 and known as Grande Puissance Filloux (GPF) and had a range of 19 Kms, although many of the guns were in a work condition and their effective range was greatly reduced..
These guns were very successful and even the US bought some of them in the 1920's.
By the start of WW2 they had been superseded by more modern designs that could fire more quickly.
Over four hundred of these Guns fell into the hands of the Germans during the fall of France.
The Germans gave them the name "Feldkanone 418 f".
The site has an underground tunnel system which are open to the public, usually at weekends during the summer.
There are two Fire Control Posts and numerous personnel and ammunition bunkers on the site.
The site was protected by a Renault tank turret (R35).
The Batterie exchanged fire on D-day with HMS Warspite, using its 15 inch guns.
The guns were not silenced and later the day exchanged fire with HMS Ramillies.
The Batterie was never really silenced and continued to fire on the fleet and onto Sword Beach until it was finally taken at the end of August.
There was a sister site at Houlgate, but this was equipped with the same type of guns but only two were housed in Casemates.

Stp 13 R679 x 3 - 134Sk x 6 - R501 - Df2a - Vf67 x 2 - Vf58c x 10 - R612 - R675 X 3 - Ringstand 50mm x 2 - Fire Control Posts SK x 2 - VF x 13 - R35 37mm - KwK 144 - 50mm Flak 38 - 50mm Kwk x 2 155mm K420 x 6 - 105mm K420 - 105mm FH325 - 76.2mm FK39 Manned by the 2/HKAA1255


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