The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp35a Montfleury (Ver Sur Mer) Map 1512OT

There were two German batteries at Ver sur Mer.
Here at Montfleury  four Russian guns type K390/2 were housed in two H679 Casemates,
whilst the other two were situated in the open.
The guns had a calibre of 122 mm and had been captured during operations on the Eastern Front.
The Batterie was no where near completed by D-day and the unfinished state of the Casemates, type H669 can be seen By D-day only one gun had been installed The Casemates were of the later type of construction.  To save on steel, two walls of concrete blocks were employed and concrete was then poured between the two wall to form the thick concrete wall around the gun.
On D-day the Batterie was shelled by HMS Belfast with her 6 inch guns for over two hours, scoring twelve hits. The Batterie did not return fire.
The Batterie surrendered to the Green Howard's later in the day.  On D-day this Batterie was taken almost single handed by CSM Stan Hollis.  He ran towards the emplacement firing his sten gun. When he reached the bunker he fired into the aperture. He then threw a grenade into the Casemate, killing two and injuring several more. He started towards another Casemate but before he could reach the entrance the garrison surrendered. A 500 LB bomb had hit one of the Casemates earlier, but had not inflicted much damage

Stp35a H679 x 2 - K390/1 Manned by 3/HKAA 1260122mm


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