The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Morsalines WN109

I have not managed to find a plan of the position, and it is difficult to say what caused all the damage. Certainly there was bombardment and bombing on and before D-day. Most of the damage though looks as though it started inside the bunkers. Either with an accidental explosion or possibly the teams who cleared the beaches after the war used the bunkers for controlled explosions.

Wn25 or Wn109 R667 x 2 - Vf/Skoda - Vf58c x 2 - Vf2a x 2 - Pz.T Ft17 - Shelters x 6 - Ringstand 50mm KwK Pak k36 - 50mm KwK L/42 - 88mm Pak 43/41 x 2


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