The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn355 Auderville Village Map 1110E


Auderville is the most north westerly part of Normandy, and overlooks the approaches to the Channel Islands.
The Germans had captured the Channel Islands shortly after they invaded France in June 1940.
They were always fearful that the British would try and reclaim then. Because of this perceived threat they fortified not only the Channel Islands, but also this north west tip on Normandy. Just to the west of the village they installed a anti aircraft battery.

Although we know the number of guns it is difficult to find all of their positions, but one platform and two garages, one with a workshop can still be found, together with several small bunkers and a personnel bunker.
One of the small bunkers gives the date of building. March 1943) on a concrete plaque that also includes a swastika and a helmet. All the buildings on the site with the exception of the personnel bunker are of a much lighter construction than you would normally expect, they resemble the V1 construction methods.

On a second visit we found the canteen, which is similar to the one at Osteck, and Auderville Laye.

Wn355 Flak

Wn350 Electricity Sub Station





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