The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn357 Laye Tunnel  Map 1110E



In the small hameau of Laye close to the two German batteries established here on the coast is a mysterious tunnel system.
It resembles a suburban underpass that you find in towns throughout the world.
The difference is that this tunnel passes through solid rock and leads you to stunning views over the bay of Baie D'Eclagrain and on a clear day you can see Sark and Alderney part of the British Channel Islands.
The reasons which compelled the Germans to build this tunnel have never been very clear.
Possibly there was an anti aircraft batterie established on the cliffs to protect the two gun batteries.
There is evidence for that theory as on the cliff top you can still find semi circular enclosures quarried out of the rocks and in one of there is a concrete plate buried into the ground which could have been the mounting for such a gun.
The tunnel has two storage areas and these could have been used for the ammunition and possibly the larger of the two areas could have been used a crew quarters.
The steps leading up to the cliff face are wider that you would think necessary, but these could have been designed so that two men could carry a case of ammunition between then to the guns.
I have been told that during the battle for the area, both the Germans and French villagers lived in these tunnels, for over a month.
Does this mean that the tunnel was either not yet operational, or had been superseded by some other installation?.




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