The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Besneville Mao 1211O

The V1 launching site here, is the second most southerly in on the Cotentin Peninsula. The ramps were built so that the bomb was launched at a constant target. The one here was set to bomb Exeter, although no bomb was ever launched from here. The launch sites had to be as close to the coast as possible, because of the limited range of 250 kms, although one reached Manchester, when launched from specially adapted Heinkel He-111 bombers. The blockhouse nearby would have been used to store the catapult fuel, used to launch the flying bomb. It was not unlike the system used to launch planes from the decks of aircraft carriers at sea. The compressed air tanks in the bomb would have also been charged here, a battery fitted, and the warhead primed. On the flat concrete raft can be seen the traces of the non magnetic table, on which the compass was set. The trolley carrying the V1 would be placed in the grooves, the compass set, and then wheeled to the ramp. No traces of the launching ramp have yet been found, and it is possible that it was not built by the time of the liberation.


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