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Situated on high ground to the west of Cherbourg, the old French fort of Les Couplets together with Fort Roule was the eyes for the fortress city of Cherbourg. The fort had been build two hundred year before by the French for exactly the same reason that the Germans found it so useful in 1940. Keeping watch for any British attack.
The fort also had an annex further down the hill and it was there the Germans installed their captured guns.
At one time they had eight 155mm French built guns, made by St Chamond in 1916 installed there.
Four were originally housed in H679 Casemates. Two of these were later placed on open platforms as the traverse of the gun was restricted by the Casemate. The site was also well equipped with anti aircraft guns as well as Tobruks for the defence of the site. At Les Couplets there are several Fire Control Posts which undoubtedly gave instructions to the railway guns which were sited below on the coast, and also to the gun emplacements immediately on the coast.
The site today is surrounded by housing, but much of the site remains in tact although landscaped.
Les Couplets was taken on June 25th by the 47th Infantry without much resistance.
This was possibly due to the fact that in the previous two days they had been attacked by P-47s which dive bombed the site and also being shelled by artillery just a few miles to the south. The main site on the top on the hill is used as a sports complex, although one Casemate is retained by the National Marines, but does not look as if it has been used for many years. Unusually most of the metal doors are in situ as are some of the metal fittings.

Stp272 R679 x 4 Cannon Positions x 8 - Fire Control Post/SK x 2 - Vf51a - Ringstand 50mm KwK x 2 - R646 - Vf58c - WellBlech x 7 - Water Reservoir - 50mm KwK x 2 - 155mm K420

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