The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp269 Batterie d'Equeurdreville Map 1210E

Attached to the batterie "Les Couplets" this was a formidable set of guns in its own right. Four railway mounted guns of 240 mm were stationed here. These four guns had a range of over 30kms.
The Germans utilised the extensive railway system that already existed to serve the naval port, and Bastion 3, part of the port helped hide the guns from prying Allied eyes.
Also on the same site were 6 anti aircraft guns 75 mm and four 37 mm flak guns.
The guns were given their firing positions from the Fire Control Post at Les Couplets.
Only the emplacements for the anti aircraft positions remain today, the site of the railway guns now the main road. Bastion II is to the seaward side of the anti aircraft batterie and Bastion III is further to the west at the French Naval School. In the old French fort near Bastion III there still remains a Renault tank turret mounted on its Tobruk.  IN The AUTUMN OF 2006 THE SITE WAS CLEARED Is Now a BUNKER PARK!!

Stp269 L426 - L425 - L407 - L419 x 2 - Flak Positions x 8 L427 - L422 x 7 - Water Reservoir - Field Positions x 25 - 88mm Flak18 x 6 - 20mm Flak30 x 3  Manned by 1/gem.Flak.Abt.152


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