The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Les Monts Map 1210E

Les Monts is one of a series of German anti aircraft emplacements that ringed the port of Cherbourg.
Les Monts is situated near the village of Sideville to the south of Cherbourg.
These sites at the rear of the port were place here to defend the many V1 sites in the area from aerial bombardment.
It is also very difficult to find the original usage of the site, it was obviously an old French Military site before the occupation, possible for a battery to protect the landward side of the city.
It would seem that the Germans used the original buildings and then installed six anti aircraft guns of 88 mm, Flak 18, and possibly a radar on the hill.
There are three anti aircraft emplacements visible, but the three others could have disappeared as the area has been used for tipping.
There is a fourth emplacement  that could have been a Freya type radar, which sometimes was housed in a square enclosure.
The main gate is a typically French Military entrance and in the small yard there are bunkers with fortified doors that date from the 1930's.
It would seem reasonable to assume that the Germans used these bunkers to store ammunition and no other storage is today visible on the site.
Just across the road from the site are French concrete anti tank obstacles, possibly in their original position.
The German version are called "Dragons Teeth"
The site was overrun by the 39th Regiment of the 9th Division on June 22nd.
There were similar sites at Flottemanville, Nouaineville, Octeville, Maupertus, Belleview, Tonneville,
La Glacerie, La Croix Fresville, Equeurdreville and aux Milles.
The latter were placed in the open at Les Flamands.


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