The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn454 La VaquerieMap1210E

Because the Germans had designated Cherbourg as a fortress it had to be defended from all sides, in much the same way as the French had done after the Franco Prussian war.
This had to include provision for an attack from the land ward side to the south.
Most of these strong points have disappeared under the urban sprawl as Cherbourg has grown over the years, or were never built.
The main defensive position was at La Glacerie.
All of the gun emplacements have disappeared under the Auchan car park, with the exception of one R630, and this will be demolished by summer 2004.
The position at La Vaquerie is supposed to comprise of four gun emplacements in casemates of the R630 type.
To date I have only traced two, together with a gun garage, which is a modified type 629, and now seems to be used by the local youth as a drinking den.
About one Kilometre behind the lines there is a personnel bunker a type 622.

Wn454 R630 - R629 - R622/SK Vf58c x 2 Vf69 - Pak


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