The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Imbranville Gare Map 1310O


During the German occupation this quiet little station on the line from Cherbourg to Barfleur was a hive of industry.

Theory One The Germans needed huge quantities of sand, and to to enable then to load the sand into railway cars they built a large concrete wall to ease the loading of the sand. Lorries would reverse up the bank of soil placed against the wall and tip the sand into the waiting wagons. The sand was then transported by train to Cherbourg and also to other construction sites. There were also railway guns positioned a little further to the east on this line. There is also another wall near Port Bail at St Georges de la Riviere built for the same purpose. It is claimed that after the Germans had finished taking sand from St Georges the tide was able to come in a further 50 meters inland.       

Theory Two. Both of these wall type structures were built on a railway line that housed early in the occupation, railway guns. The guns would be positioned alongside the wall and a camouflage net thrown over to hide the gun from Allied planes when it was not in use. Both explanations have been given by local people at both sites, perhaps they we used for the loading of sand after the railway guns we transferred elsewhere. The railway was closed in 1950, the lines around Port Bail were closed in 1966.


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