The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp245 Les Caplains Map 1210E

The German defences on this old French Fort include four 150mm rapid fire guns.
They were German built guns made by Rheinmetal Borsig, based on a Krupp design.
They could fire eight rounds a minute and had a range of 18kms.
The Germans in effect just took over the fort after the fall of France. The Germans gave the site the name of "Brommy".
The Casemates were, unusually, of several types, including one M272 and two M176 and one type M195.
There is no reason why the Germans employed three different casemates to house the same type of guns, the reason may have been the type of gun mounts available..
There were two Fire Control Posts, one built by the Germans and the other they adapted from the original French design.
The Batterie fell to the advancing Americans on 25th June after it had been subjected to both air attack and bombardment from the sea.
The gun crews, before their demise, had fought as infantry, as had many of the technical staff and Todt Org personnel before the fall of Cherbourg.
Most of the fort, which included a medical bunker at the rear of the site, still exists.
Access is restricted as the site is in a restricted zone used by the French Navy, although now abandoned.

Stp245 M195 - M272 - M170 x 2 - R608 - Fire Control Post/SK x 2 - SK/Dressing Stations - SK/Searchlight - Vf x 4 - 150mm SK C/28 x 4 - 75mm Flak M17/34 x 6 Manned by 1/MAA260


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