The Atlantik Wall In Normandy




Wn243 Digosville Map 1210E

Just outside the village of Digosville near La Croix Perrinot are four forgotten casemates of the H669 type.
They were built to house captured French guns built almost a generation before the start of WWII.
They were quite large for field guns having a calibre of 155 mm and a range of 20kms.
The casemates are unique in as much as they have not found an agricultural use even although they are in fields.
One is just behind the goal posts of a football field.
They do not seem to have played a significant part in the battle of Cherbourg, many of the troops based here would have possibly abandoned the site and fought alongside their comrades at Les Caplains.

Wn243 R669 x 4 - 155mm FH414 x 4 Manned by 6/AR1709


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