The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp126 Neville Blankensee Map 1310O

The Kriegsmarine batterie situated right on the Point de NÚville,
was as close to the sea as possible in the tradition of all German Naval Batteries.
The eight guns placed here came from two different sources.
Firstly British guns made by Vickers (M39) and having a 94mm bore, were placed in casemates right on the waters edge.
Two were housed in M158 casemates and the third (casemate No 1) was housed in a type M272 casemate. There is also a fourth casemate, but I am not sure of the type, possibly a SK.
The possible reason for this is that  guns had a different carriage to the others and required more space.
The M158 casemated have ventilation shafts which enabled the gas emitted when the gun fired to be extracted, fitted to the exterior of the casemate.
These guns had be captured on the Channel Islands in 1940 and installed here, they had a range of 12 kms.
The other guns installed here and mounted in the open were of French origin made by St Chamond and had a range of 20 kms.
The site have over thirty different bunkers and although very open to the elements most can still be found.
NÚville also has a complete system of concrete passageways linking all the major parts of the defence system, from the three fire control posts to the casemated guns and on to the Tobruks and personnel bunkers. All four gun plinths are of different design and one (pictured right top row) looks to have come from a towed anti aircraft gun. We also found a Kriegsmarine anchor in the concrete (second photo on right bottom  row) The Tobruks are slightly different on this coast having a ring of holes in the concrete around the gun ring, see bottom right photo.
Judging by the amount of damage caused by Allied shelling this batterie must have upset the Allied fleet during the battle for Cherbourg, or could it just be damage caused by ammunition clearing after the war..

Stp126 M272 - M158 - SK x 2 - Fire Control Post/ R501/SK - M151 - R501/SK - R655/SK - Vf2a x 2 - Vf7b - Vf58c x 9 - PzT R35 37mm KwK144 - PzT Ft17 x 2 - Casemates x 2 - Ringstand 20mm flak x 3 - Shelters x 11 - Ringstand 50mm Kwk L/42 - Searchlight Position - Waster Bunker - Cable Bunker - SK/Marine x 2 - 94mm Vickers M39 x 4

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