The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp152 Gatteville Map 1310O

This batterie sits on the Pointe de Barfleur near the village of La Houguette.
The four 155 mm guns were brought here and were of French origin and were installed in type 679 casemates.
The guns here were equipped with shields that moved with the guns, giving more protection than was normally the case with an open front to the casemate.
The site also had a Fire Control Post type H502 .
There were also several anti aircraft gun emplacements two of which can still be found. There is also a personnel bunker which unfortunately is always flooded.
The third casemate has been turned into a summer home complete with patio doors and double glazing. Rommel would not be amused

Stp152 R679 x 4 - R502 x 3 - Fire Control Post /SK - R622 x 2 - R607 - R134 x 2 - Garage - Gun Positions x 6 - Vf58c x 4 - 155mm K420 x 6  Manned by 7/HKAR1261


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