The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



La Judee Map 1210E

La Judee was a more conventional battery and came under the command of the army.
This emplacement was equipped with four 105mm guns, Canon de Courtmle, these were by Atlantic Wall standards modern guns being built in 1935.
They had a range of 20 kms, although according to some sources 155 mm guns from the same maker were installed on this site.
The guns were housed in type H669 Casemates, as so many of the German gun sites in Normandy were.
There is also evidenced that the guns may never have been installed here before D-day.
The site was equipped with anti tank guns of 47 mm and 50 mm as well as 20 mm anti aircraft cannons of 75mm. There is also an ammunition bunker under the farm buildings.
Not much now remains of the lighter concrete works, the land being returned to its former use, although some of the site has now been built on.
The site is very peaceful now and one of the casemates are used for rearing chickens.

R669 x 4 105mm K331 x 4 Manned by 5/AR1709


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