The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp391 Biville  Map 1110E


The Batterie called Petit Thot takes its name from the hamlet above which it is perched.
The Batterie was equipped with four Schneider 105mm cannons of 1917 vintage.
They were of the wheeled type and the hooks for the restraining chains can still be seen in each Casemate of the type R671.

The site is remarkable for having a Fire Control Post next to the most southerly Casemate. It would seem to be a local solution as it does not conform to the Todt dictate. It was possibly constructed after the Batterie was completed.
The site also has a large barracks to the rear of the site. Inside the barracks you can still see decorations on the walls, and many of the central chimneys are still in situ.

Most of the smaller installations, such as the guard house and small ammunition bunkers still exist. The Casemates remain in good condition although several have been filled with concrete debris to prevent cattle falling into the gun chambers.

Stp391 R671 x 4 - Fire Control; Post S/K - SK/Vf x 6 - 105mm K331 x 4 Manned by 2/HKAR1262



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