The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp235 Osteck Map 1210E

The radar station code named (Osteck) was the eyes and ears for the defence of Cherbourg. It was well equipped with two Freya, one Wassermann, and two Wurzburg radar's.
The site was ringed with machine gun emplacements and several flak positions, no doubt controlled by radar.
There were also two giant spotlights with a diameter of 150mm to illuminate incoming aircraft, as well as ships at sea..
The are also bunkers for ammunition as well as living quarters for personnel manning the guns.
These emplacements show signs of damage from both land, sea and air attacks.
This site is a paradise for "Bunker Hunters" there are possibly more type hidden here than in any other small area in France. They include command and personnel bunkers. Bunkers for the control and operation of four main radar installations, together with emplacements for searchlights, anti aircraft, and machinery bunkers. There is even a large underground canteen.
Most are in good condition although those on the motorcycle track are in many cases
"High and Dry" and very difficult to enter, others are impossible because of the vegetation which is slowly encroaching and hiding them. The most outstanding feature remaining are the original paintings, almost a fresh as when they were painted over sixty years ago.

Stp235 L2 x 4 - L7 x 2 - R502a x 5 - R622 x 3 - Water Bunker - R601 - R646 x 2 - R644 - R643 - R634 x 2 - R633 x 2 - R120 - R121a - R629 - R630 - L411a x 2 - L409a x 3 - L410a x 2 - L413a - Machinery Bunker - Vf58c x 4 - R134 - L480 - V229 x 2 - Wassermann Fu MG 402 - Small-Heidelberg - Wurzburg Riese Fu SE65 x 2 codes M61 & H15 - Freya Fu MG450 & Freya Fu MG401 Nr 200 & Nr203 Manned by 12/Luft.Nachr. Reg53


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